China Smart Sensor Co.
Manufacturer of Liquid Level Sensor,Ultrasonic Sensor, Wind Sensor and Touch switch
Manufacturer of Liquid Level Sensor,Ultrasonic Sensor, Wind Sensor and Touch switch

China Smart Sensor Co.,Ltd. (short as “CSS”) is the manufacturer with the ability to researching, production and exporting. Relying on the technical background of the army-industry-based institute, our products has already sold to 48 countries since 1994,and most of them are the customized sensor produced in accordance with buyer's special application.

Generally, our product covers following:

1: pressure sensor and transducer: it is widely used for gas dispenser, Gas dispenser, constant pressure water supply, pipeline pressure monitoring, container over-pressure, petrochemical engineering, hydraulic controlling, sewage treatment, central air conditioning terminal control, oil well real-time management, hydroelectric generation, fire control, Hydrological detection, voyage, navigation . Among this, the differential pressure measurement was widely export to east Europeans countries.

2: Level sensor: usually it include the water level sensor, fuel level sensor, level transmitter and agnetostrictive level sensor, it is properly suitable for water or liquid measure and control of medicine, metallurgy, electricity, mine, city water supply and drainage, hydrology, petroleum, chemi-industry, power station, city water supply and drainage

3: Ultrasonic Sensor: just as its name implies, it widely used for wind speed, wind direction, ultrasonic flow meter senor. After years of accumulation, we developed the water-proof type , open type, high frequency type, large range type, modular type. Besides, our parking sensor has established long-term business relationship with many automatic factory.

4: Pressure Switch: can be used for pressure measuring, display and controlling of power station, tap water, petroleum industry, chemi-industry, engineering and liquid pressure equipment.,

5: Temperature Measurement: it is widely used in meteorological, oceanographic, environmental, agricultural, forestry, water conservancy, electric power, scientific research requires measurement, inner high power device start or stop, circuit fault, cutting action, frequency conversion equipment running and electric welding machine.

6:Flow management: for the flow series, we mainly produce liquid turbine flower meter, electromagnetic flow meter oval gear flow meter, fuel consumption flow meter, PD flow meter, speed flow meter, variable area flow meter, mass flow meter, differential pressure flow meter as well as the flow switch

CSS is one open and developing technology company, we warmly and sincerely welcome and inquiry, question, RFS(require for solution), buyer’s good feedback and complaint, which will enhance our determination to do more and better for the sensor field.

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  • 2018-1104Development process of well depth test system

    Cables are also used to measure well depth in the petroleum industry. Taking into account the mechanical pull of the cable, flying elastic deformation, temperature, buoyancy, mud pressure, tidal effect, measurement methods and other factors, the measurement accuracy will be constrained, and many related error methods are used to correct the Sichuan. In the case where cable type, instrument weight, and mud density are known, the absolute error in cable measurement depth is a function of depth, which increases with depth.

  • 2018-1104Shaft prospecting engineering survey

    Currently used depth measurement methods include wireline logging depth and Martin Dyke depth measurement system logging depth.

  • 2018-1104Which one is more reliable? Between the ultrasonic sensor and the infrared sensor?

    If reliability is an important factor in your choice of sensor, ultrasonic sensors are more reliable than infrared sensors. If you are willing to reduce the reliability of your cost, infrared sensors are ideal for your application.

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