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How to choose a pressure transmitter perfectly?

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How to choose the right pressure transmitter? The selection is very important. Now let Eric engineers of China Smart Sensor Co., Ltd. briefly introduce its selection skills:

1. Confirm the type of pressure measured by the pressure transmitter

Pressure types mainly include gauge pressure, absolute pressure, and differential pressure. Gauge pressure refers to the pressure based on the atmosphere, less than or greater than atmospheric pressure; absolute pressure refers to the absolute pressure zero as the benchmark, higher than the absolute pressure; differential pressure refers to the difference between the two pressures.

2. Confirm the pressure range

In general, the actual measured pressure is selected as 80% of the measurement range.

3. Confirm the measurement pressure introduction

According to different measurement media, it can be divided into dry gas, gas liquid, strong clothing liquid, viscous liquid, high temperature gas liquid, etc. According to the correct selection of different media, it is beneficial to prolong the service life of the product.

4. Confirm the maximum overload of the system

The maximum overload of the system should be less than the overload protection limit of the transmitter, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product or even damage the product.

5, confirm the accuracy level

The measurement error of the pressure transmitter is divided according to the accuracy level, and the different accuracy corresponds to different basic error limits (expressed as the percentage of the full-scale output). In practical applications, the selection is based on the control requirements of the measurement error and in accordance with the principle of economic use.

6, confirm the working temperature range

The temperature of the measuring medium should be within the working temperature range of the transmitter. If it is used over temperature, it will produce a large measurement error and affect the service life. In the production process of the pressure transmitter, the temperature influence will be measured and compensated. To ensure that the measurement error caused by the temperature of the product is within the accuracy level requirements. In the case of high temperature, you can consider the choice of high temperature pressure transmitter or auxiliary cooling measures such as installing condenser tubes and radiators. 7. Confirm the compatibility of the measuring medium with the contact material.
7. In some measurement occasions, the measuring medium is corrosive. In this case, materials compatible with the measuring medium or special processing must be selected to ensure that the transmitter is not damaged.

8, confirm the pressure interface form

The company's products are threaded (M20×1.5) as the standard interface. If customers need other special interface forms, they can design and produce according to customer requirements.

9, confirm the power supply and output signal

The product is powered by a DC power supply and offers a variety of output signal options, including 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 VDC, and 1 to 5 VD.

10. The pressure transmitter confirms the working environment of the site and other needs to know whether there is vibration and electromagnetic interference, etc., and provide relevant information when selecting the type for the corresponding treatment. When selecting the type, other electrical connections, etc., can also be considered depending on the situation.

These are just the most basic selection suggestions. If you have any problems during the use before purchasing, please contact us in time. Email:

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