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Radar Level Meter

The radar level gauge , also called as the radar level meter ,is a general-purpose radar level gauge. It is based on the time-travel principle measuring instrument. The radar wave runs at the speed of light, and the running time can be converted into a level signal by electronic components. The probe emits a high-frequency pulse that propagates in the space at the speed of light. When the pulse encounters the surface of the material, it is reflected back and received by the receiver in the meter, and the distance signal is converted into a level signal.

The radar level gauge is a radar level gauge based on the time domain reflection principle (TDR). The electromagnetic pulse of the radar level gauge propagates along the cable or probe at the speed of light. When encountering the surface of the measured medium, the radar level Part of the pulse is reflected to form an echo and return to the pulse transmitting device along the same path. The distance between the transmitting device and the surface of the measured medium is proportional to the propagation time of the pulse therebetween, and the liquid level is calculated.


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