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Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital display pressure gauge, also known as digital pressure gauge, built-in pressure sensor, is a high-precision pressure gauge integrating pressure measurement and display. It has the characteristics of anti-vibration, high display precision, high stability, clearing, and automatic standby. This series of digital pressure gauges is battery-powered. Due to the low power consumption of the processor chip, long battery life, automatic standby and one-button clear function, easy to use, can replace mechanical pressure gauges for portable pressure measurement, equipment Supporting, standard pressure calibration equipment and other fields.

The digital display pressure gauge manufactured by China Smart Sensor Co.,Ltd.won great reputation from old and existing clients because of its following haracteristics:

Large screen; large-screen LCD display, intuitive readings, and adaptable to wide ambient temperature.
High precision; advanced microprocessor technology, imported measurement and control chip, high performance and high precision.
Low power consumption; ultra-low power intelligent control, electric and pool continuous use for two to three years. Anti-corrosion; integral stainless steel sealing structure, adapt to corrosive medium environment.

* High precision * Long-term stability
* Corrosion and moisture resistance * Up to three times overload capacity
* Easy to install * Can measure negative pressure, positive and negative pressure
* Built-in lithium battery, no external power supply required

The digital pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of corrosive, high viscosity, easy to crystallize, liquid medium containing solid particles and high humidity, and has various types such as flange connection and screw connection:

1. Oilfield oil production: water injection, wellhead container equipment pressure measurement:
2. Crude oil export: pressure measurement of the inlet and outlet of the power equipment pipeline pump;
3. Petrochemical: vacuum, micro-pressure and corrosive gas in the production process, liquid pressure measurement;
4. Hydraulic system, refrigeration, process monitoring OEM application;
5, high temperature medium, viscous medium, liquid height measurement;
6. Measurement of pressure in air conditioners, gas processing equipment, ventilators, medical equipment, laboratories, compressors, etc.


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