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Wind Direction/Speed Sensor

Wind speed sensors are devices used to measure wind speed in construction machinery (cranes, crawler cranes, door cranes, tower cranes, etc.), railways, ports, terminals, power plants, meteorology, ropeways, environment, greenhouses, and aquaculture. It can realize the digitization and automation of the wind speed indication of the equipment, and is an indispensable wind speed detecting equipment for related equipment. The FX-K wind speed controller is composed of three parts: intelligent measuring and controlling instrument, wind speed sensor and cable. The intelligent measurement and control instrument is composed of a single-chip microcomputer and corresponding peripheral circuit modules, and the display part adopts a single window highlight digital display.

There are many types of wind speed sensors. Three types of wind speed sensors, hot air type wind speed sensors and ultrasonic wind speed sensors are used in the meteorological field. The first one is widely used, but because of the mechanical structure, the accuracy is not The acoustic wind speed measurement tool is good, but the price is much cheaper than the ultrasonic wind speed sensor, and the second is currently eliminated.

The wind direction sensor is a physical device that detects and senses the wind direction of the outside world by the rotation of the wind direction arrow, and transmits it to the coaxial code wheel, and simultaneously outputs the corresponding value corresponding to the wind direction. The wind direction sensor can measure the near-earth wind direction in the outdoor environment. It can be divided into photoelectric type, voltage type and compass type according to the working principle. It is widely used in meteorology, ocean, environment, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, electric power, scientific research and other fields.


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