China Smart Sensor Co., Ltd.


With the strong ability to design,research and production, we dedicated to the durable,longer life-span,sound quality and popular products of water level sensor (non-contact and throw-in type),tank high and low position water level controller, ruler type water level meter suitable for the measuring of well, lake and other similiar situation, pressure sensor and transmitter,ultrasonic distance sensor, ultrasonic fuel tank level monitoring sensor with GPS function,ultrasonic liquid level sensor, ultrasonic solid,dust,grain shape materail flow quantity monitoring sensor, wind speed and wind direction sensor, humidity sensor apply for the agriculture and general plant's leaf surface's moisture, touch switch with function of time and temperature display,radio with water-proof bluetooth speakers,changable colour of mirror light, all these are suitable for the home or hotel bathroom mirror light system.

In order to satisfy the special application for the user, we accept most customized design and production, please email us to:

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