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Ultrasonic Level Meter

In the measurement, the ultrasonic pulse is emitted by the sensor (transducer), and the sound wave is reflected by the liquid surface and then received by the same sensor or ultrasonic receiver, converted into an electrical signal by the piezoelectric crystal or magnetostrictive device, and transmitted and received by the sound wave. The time between the time to calculate the distance from the sensor to the surface of the liquid being measured. Due to the non-contact measurement, the measured medium is almost unlimited and can be widely used for the measurement of various liquid and solid materials.

The working principle of the ultrasonic level meter is that the ultrasonic transducer (probe) emits high-frequency pulse sound waves. The surface of the measured object (material) is reflected and folded back. The reflected echo is received by the transducer and converted into an electrical signal. The propagation time of the sound wave It is proportional to the distance from the sound wave to the surface of the object.

Typical Application:
1: Measurement of flow rate, liquid level, low gauge pressure, vacuum and specific gravity
2: LCD / LED large display
3: Intelligent signal processing technology
4: equipped with high and low double relays (four-wire system only)
5: Patented transducer structure (when the small-range level gauge flange is installed, there is no requirement for the length of the flanged joint)
6: Simple button setting parameters (no need to wait for the container to empty or fill up, no additional remote control required)
7: Flexible mounting method (thread/flange, fixing hole/bracket)
8: AC or DC power supply available (four-wire system only)


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