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Soil Moisture Sensor

The humidity of the soil plays an important role in the growth of plants. Different plants have different soil moisture requirements even during different growth cycles. Soil moisture directly affects the absorption of nutrients and the growth and development of flower plants, while also affecting the effectiveness of various nutrients in the soil. Business: Vineyards, orchards, farm produce, flower gardens, lawn maintenance homes: gardens, lawn maintenance, potted plants, and other areas where soil moisture needs to be monitored.

Soil moisture meter (sensor) measurement principle: By measuring the dielectric constant of soil, it can directly and stably reflect the true moisture content of various soils. The calibration method uses a comparison method to measure the volume percentage of soil moisture independent of the mechanism of the soil itself. The data acquisition method can be collected by manual reading. Mainly used in landslides, roadbeds, agriculture, foundation pits, reservoir areas, laboratories and other applications.


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